The Photographer Bruce Millar






















I was born into the vibrancy of India where my New Zealand parents worked; their lives of compassion as well as their vivid stories and colourful photos captured my imagination as a young boy. I have been big on imagination ever since. I loved art, photography and writing stories but my love for animals put me on the path of science to become a vet. It took a few disappointments before I realised that I wanted more than science, so I studied photography, travelled the world and started my photography business!

My passion is to capture the colour, vibrancy and expression of people in a way that tells their story. It is the story of who people are, not only what they look like or what they do. It is seen in their body language, the light in their eyes and the way they interact with others. This is why I enjoy photography as it can capture a glimpse of the vibrancy of life ... the uniqueness and 'extraordinary' that is in all of us.

I want to tell your story because I am a storyteller and love what I do. I can tell your story with vibrant colour and unique expression, to make a difference for you by showing the World the difference you make in it.

In business since 1999